WannaCry & Good News for White Hats

As WannaCry is unfolding, my one bit of good news is now gone. The bit of luck that ended the spread of the attack has been corrected by the bad guys so it’s still out there (but with a different name, Uiwix). I’m determined to still deliver some good news, and despite this being reported as one of the largest cyber attacks ever, it came to me easily.

Having worked in this industry a whole bunch of years now and having met many of the incredibly smart cybersecurity professionals who keep it running, I know we will be ok. I believe many of these professionals (termed white hats) found they had the talent for this stuff way back when, as kids. I’m sure some, with this talent and the additional skill they worked hard to acquire, came to a moment when they could have easily thrown on a black hat and skirted a few systems to line their own pockets, knowing they could absolutely get away with it considering the crude systems that their genius minds came across.

But they didn’t. They put on the white hat. And they have been doing so ever since. So, here’s to the cybersecurity pro’s working hard every day and night, and certainly without any sleep the last few days. Cheers!

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