An All-IN-ONE Cybersecurity Solution for FinTech

Protect your organization and ensure your compliant with necessary standards and legislation, and your customers’ cybersecurity needs.

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Salt Cyber understands that the foundation of your FinTech organization relies on secure data and customer trust.

With cyber threats evolving daily, it’s crucial to fortify your FinTech business with custom cybersecurity solutions that safeguard your assets and reputation, and helps you win business.


Unsure of what your organization’s security posture is, and what it should be? Let Salt Cybersecurity review your current information security situation, if any, and assess where you should be based on the business you’re in and the realistic dangers that exist for your company. Salt Cybersecurity will then deliver a roadmap to help you achieve your cybersecurity goals.


Do you believe you and your team have information security/cybersecurity covered? Let Salt Cybersecurity test that notion with a customized penetration test. We will attack (without doing any harm) your network, website, and any applications, as well as your employees, to test your defenses for any weaknesses, while trying to gain access to sensitive data and control of your system.


Have you come to the realization that cybersecurity is a real threat to your business? Salt Cybersecurity can train your IT team on the basics of information security to advanced cyber defense techniques. Remote or onsite, Salt Cybersecurity can improve the infosec skills of your team.


Have you landed that new client with a deal that will change your business? But then realized that this Fortune 500 client has a vendor questionnaire that you need to complete to ensure your security program is up to their standards? Let Salt Cybersecurity help you understand what pieces of the questionnaire are necessary for your business and help you respond truthfully without the client rejecting the deal due to insufficient cybersecurity.


Add access to an experienced cybersecurity professional to your cybersecurity program. Let our vCCISO oversee the organization’s cybersecurity strategy, risk management, and incident response, while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and best practices. Enhance your cybersecurity posture without the high cost of hiring a full-time CISO.