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Cybersecurity Essentials - The Salt Bundle

The Cybersecurity Solution for All

All organizations deserve to protect themselves from the dangers of today’s cyber world.

Developed from experience working with the largest enterprises, Salt Cybersecurity analyzed all of the expensive security products and services, determined what was most important, and created a three-pronged approach to defense that all companies can afford.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ​​
     Security Policy
 Vulnerability Assessment
 Threat Detection
  Security Awareness
  1. Security Policy
    Every secure organization begins with strong policy. Balancing the needs of your organization with the risks that exist, while not impeding on business is the key. From strong passwords to who has access to what information, a security policy for all employees is needed at every organization, big or small. Salt Cybersecurity will customize and create a set of security policies that is right for your company and help maintain the policy throughout the year.
  2. Vulnerability Assessment
    Test your network for any holes or weaknesses that exist. Vulnerability testing leverages a computer program designed to assess computers, computer systems, networks and applications for weaknesses. Each quarter, we will conduct an internal and external scan of your network. These scans, along with manual verification, will identify your network assets and any security weaknesses you may have.
  3. Security Awareness
    The easiest way to harm an organization is to social engineer, or phish, your way into it. This is mainly done by sending an email with a dangerous link. But that’s not the only way. Continually educate your employees so they can avoid the ever-evolving dangers of this cyber world. Quarterly cybersecurity training and phishing exercises for all employees to keep everyone on their toes. Train your employees to not only protect your assets, but theirs as well.
  4. Threat Detection
    Our Detection Service reduces downtime and minimizes risk of a security breach by detecting sophisticated cyber attacks quickly. We detect attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed before it's too late. We give you the peace of mind that your network is being monitored by experts. On an ongoing basis, we use the latest technology to monitor your network, bringing advanced detection to your business and only alert you when you need to take action.
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